DVDs / Sinner and Saint

Avg Rating: 5.0

Release Date: 2012-03-01
Description: Saint Dillon is the patron saint of all things cock and there are plenty of sinners who need his guidance. His staff of life is a big one and he makes the sinners repent by getting on their knees. One by one he helps them find religion after a couple go astray and do some sinning by themselves. His power is in his magic juice and after lots of fucking and sucking and grunting and groaning, he sprays each of his disciples in the face, letting them drink from his loins and saving them from eternal damnation.
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Scenes From Sinner and Saint

Shaggy Ski Bum Jacks His Hairy Pole
Robbie Keif
Robbie Keif is a super thin shaggy twink with a great body and a nice cock. He came in dressed like a hippie but as the layers came off, he was a skier and skater underneath it all. He has a really unique technique of jacking off or at least for getting hard. He rubs his cock through his cord jeans...

Tags: armpits DSL Hairy Crotch Jackoff
Saint Dillon Impales Evil Goth
Alaric , Saint Dillon
Saint Dillon is on a quest to find and impale all evil goths. He found one right here at Alternadudes. Poor Alaric was in the wrong place at the wrong time with his ass in the air and his hole spread wide when the Saint of all things hole-y found him and had his way with him. We have to admit that...

Tags: Balls Blonde Blowjob Deepthroat
Tatted Skater Fucks Hairy Punk
Charles Bronsin , Saint Dillon
You asked for it and now you got it! Charles Bronson and Saint Dillon are back and sexy as all fuck. They don’t waste a precious second with any sort of small talk or banter. They stick to each other like glue starting right off the bat. They make out and suck each other’s faces with loud sloppy...

Tags: armpits Balls Blowjob Deepthroat
Tatted Skater & Shaggy Ski Bum Suck Cock
Robbie Keif , Saint Dillon
Robbie Keif is a straight ski bum. We’ve had him in before for a jack-off scene and we convinced him to come back. Being straight, we asked him to just stand there and get a blowjob, but he explained that it was hard for him to get a hard-on with a man between his legs and insisted on doing the cocksucking....

Tags: Blowjob Deepthroat DSL Frot
Blond Goth Rocker With Big Cock
Alaric is one of the hottest twink goth guys you’ll find. He’s thin, trim, fit and has a cock to match anything you’ll ever see! He’s a man of few words, but once he gets his pants off, he’ll charm the living fucking hell out of you.This goth starts out rubbing his cock through his pants....

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