Tatted Skater Fucks Hairy Punk

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You asked for it and now you got it! Charles Bronson and Saint Dillon are back and sexy as all fuck. They don’t waste a precious second with any sort of small talk or banter. They stick to each other like glue starting right off the bat. They make out and suck each other’s faces with loud sloppy slurps. The shirts come off and then before you know it, Saint Dillon’s jeans are around his ankles.

Charles makes quick work of getting our Saint hard as a rock. He loves cock and the Saint’s big pole is a perfect challenge. He works it fast and hard, slobbering all over it with his spit and taking it all the way down his throat. He gets faster and faster and Saint Dillon leans back to enjoy the ride. Soon, both of their pants are off completely. They take turns working the other’s hard cocks. Charles has some of the best hairy balls and one of the nicest hairy asses this side of the Mississippi. Nothing goes unnoticed by our thin perfect skater as he quickly goes down to root through the punk’s hairy jungle. He works his way past the cock, onto the fuzzy ball-sack and down under to rim the hell out of the tight hairy asshole in front of him. Saint Dillon is a rimming pro. His tongue probes in and out, flicking and licking and getting Charles’ tight hole lubed and opened up for the big cock he’s about to receive.

Saint Dillon is ready to get his dick squeezed in a nice warm hole. He enters the punk hard and without much delicacy. He thrusts in and out as Charles winces in discomfort and joy. Charles is especially tight and it’s hard for him to take such a big cock. Having a big cock himself, he’s used to topping. Saint Dillon plows away ramming his hard cock in and out of the hairy punk. As he pumps, the hole in front of him gets more and more opened up and soon Charles is taking it up the butt doggie style. That’s when the moaning and groaning really starts. Charles can’t take much more and there’s no end in sight as Saint Dillon keeps pounding away.

Finally, the skater declares that he’s going to cum. He pulls out and sticks his big wet meat on the punk’s face as he blows a gusher. True to Saint Dillon’s style, his calling card has become to spray gallons of jizz with each blasting. He covers the face of Charles, he paints the wall, he reupholsters the coch, and manages to shampoo the punk’s hair well. His cum flies everywhere at every height and level. Nothing within 60 feet is safe from Saint Dillon’s white warm splooge! Charles laps it up and wants more as Saint Dillon notices how much of a mess he’s made and starts to laugh at the site. (To this day the studio wall is forever stained with the sacred jizz of Saint Dillon.)

Covered in cum, Charles gets up and sprays his own chunky load all over Saint Dillon. It’s thick and white and is also mass-produced. Charles almost matches the amount of cum laid out by our hunky tatted skater. Charles moans and lets his loose as he covers the Saint. Saint Dillon smiles at the punk as they both seem tired and happy but always wanting more!