Saint Dillon Impales Evil Goth

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Saint Dillon is on a quest to find and impale all evil goths. He found one right here at Alternadudes. Poor Alaric was in the wrong place at the wrong time with his ass in the air and his hole spread wide when the Saint of all things hole-y found him and had his way with him. We have to admit that Alaric didn’t put up much of a fight. In fact, we’re starting to think that this goth really wants to be impaled all the time!

Alaric and Saint Dillon start by making out. Their hands reach for each others crotches and find their targets with a bit of heavy petting to follow. Alaric likes when things happen immediately and gets impatient when he can’t open the Saint’s pants. Alas, they are magic, saintly pants and can only be opened by a miracle, which Saint Dillon performs by undoing the top button. The other buttons quickly follow and soon Dillon’s Staff of Life is out in the world ready to do some dammage.

The goth quickly goes down on The Saint, gobbling up his newly pierced cock. His evil game is seduction, and Saint Dillon can’t let his guard down for a single second. He makes a move and soon Alaric’s cock and balls are in the service of all things good. Dillon blows Alaric and licks his balls, juggling each one carefully before moving down to rim the tight, wet ass before him. He rims the goth for a long time, making sure his asshole is open and ready for his giant cock. When Alaric is fully ajar, Saint Dillon rams his thick, juicy dick inside. It’s tight and warm and he plows the living fuck out of our goth. He pounds away in several positions. Alaric is ready to break in half as the frenzy gets bigger. The slapping and moaning grow more intense. Dillon pulls out and just when you think he’s going to blow his load, he whips out a double dong dildo and crams it inside our goth.

Alaric is in heaven! He lays back and lets Saint Dillon ram his asshole long and deep with the big rubber cock. As Dillon shoves it further inside, he jacks the other end with his hands before going down and blowing it. One end is deep inside Alaric, and now Dillon has moved onto blowing the side sticking out from the goth. As he blows the dildo, he’s fucking Alaric with it using only his mouth. It’s hot to watch Dillon ass cram and blow Alaric with a dildo all at the same time.

They’re both ready to blow now. Saint pulls the big dong out of Alaric and beats his thick meat over the goth. Alaric wants the Saint’s cream and begs him to cum at the same time. Saint Dillon answers Alaric’s prayers and sprays his hot load of juicy cum all over the goth at exactly the same time that Alaric decides to unleash his tasty sticky abomination upon the world. Cum is everywhere and covers Alaric’s hot slim body. Saint Dillon licks it up the jizz to regenerate his powers as we leave these two mortal enemies in the arms of each other’s embrace in a show of good vs. evil!