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DVDs / Goth Cock

Avg Rating: 5.0

Description: Alternadudes presents Goth Cock, a peep show starring some of the most extreme goth guys we could find. These goths and goth-loving dudes suck big cock and fuck each other deep for a hellishly good fun time. Sit back and watch as these tatted and pierced guys in make-up, contacts and dark clothes show off their sense of morbid individuality and proudly present their goth cocks to the world!
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Scenes From Goth Cock

Tatted Pierced Goth Emo
Dalive walks to the beat of his own cock. He’s way out there with his goth look and he knows it. He also doesn’t give a shit. He’s covered in tats all over his body and the piercings on his face make it look like his lips are sewn shut. And yes, parts of his hair are fake (by his own doing).We...

Tags: armpits, Balls, Emo, Goth
Tatted Pierced Goth Emo
Hung Zombie Goth Dominates Smooth AlternaTwink
Rave, Tyler Tremallose
Tyler is sleeping comfortably in his loft bed when goth zombie, Rave, decides to surprise the sleeping beauty with a little bit of fun. Rave hooks up some restraints and calls Tyler down from his perch. The site of Rave and his little surprise intrigues Tyler and he happily raises his arms above...

Tags: armpits, Blowjob, domination, Emo
Hung Zombie Goth Dominates Smooth AlternaTwink
Bad Boy Pounds His Curved Cock
AJ Addams
AJ is a first timer on camera and is a bit nervous despite not being shy. We had to walk him through the beginning steps but after his shirt comes off, he gets the hang of it and gets in the groove. AJ lifts his shirt and rubs his junk over the top of his black underwear. His hand slowly slips beneath...

Tags: Balls, Cum Face, Goth, Jackoff
Bad Boy Pounds His Curved Cock
Emo Guy Sucks Tall Thin Dude and Drinks His Cum
Alex, Keith Evans
Alex is an emo guy with shaggy dark hair, painted fingernails, fingerless gloves, and the makeup to match. Once he gets in our studio it’s obvious he’s only there for cock.For this sucking session, we paired him up with Keith Evans, a tall, gangly guy who’s really also only interested in cock....

Tags: Balls, Blowjob, cum, Cum Face
Emo Guy Sucks Tall Thin Dude and Drinks His Cum
Long Haired Rocker Drums a Steady Beat
Criss Crass
We found Criss coming out of a club in Hollywood one hot summer night with his hot girlfriend on his arm. We were sure he wouldn't be interested in jacking off for the camera, but to our surprise, he called us back the very next day. Criss is a rock & roll drummer who likes to fuck women every chance...

Tags: armpits, Balls, Hung, Jackoff
Long Haired Rocker Drums a Steady Beat
Shaved Cuban Hunk Seduces Straight Goth Emo
Alecks, Enrique Currero
Alecks, our demon guy, isn’t quite convinced he can be anything but straight. But with enough money, we convinced him to try! We paired him up with our beau-hunk Cuban cigar, Enrique Currero, to see what magic he could work on Alecks.These two start off on opposite ends of the couch beating their meat...

Tags: Bald, Blowjob, Emo, Goth
Shaved Cuban Hunk Seduces Straight Goth Emo