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Avg Rating: 5.0

Release Date: 2015-11-17
Description: Alternadudes presents Dingy Dawgz, a collection of hot dingy guys who might just need a scrubbing down before you get in their pants! These guys are hot and raw and love being themselves as they suck dick, beat their meat, and shove their big cocks inside open waiting assholes. Sit back, grab your cock, and wait until after you meet these dingy dudes to hop in the shower and clean off your jizz!
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Scenes From Dingy Dawgz

Hot Dudes Fuck
Corbin Dallas , Farmer Tom
Corbin Dallas is getting back from a long weekend of skiing. All the hard work has made him want a dick in his butt so he stops by his buddy, Farmer Tom's, city apartment. Farmer Tom is in the middle of doing some pull ups when he hears a knock at the door and answers to find horny Corbin waiting....

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Uncut Scruffy Skater Beats Off in a Motel Bathroom
Nico is a French Canadian scruffy skater with a nice uncut cock. We found Nico (who doesn't drink) in a gay bar and invited him back to the seedy Alternadudes motel. Nico took us up on the offer right then and there and we went back to the motel less than five minutes later. Nico says he's bi, leaning...

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Goth Gutter Punk Fucks Tatted Alt Daddy
Christian Matthews , Ramses
Ramses and Christian are horny, so the logical thing to do is to fuck. They get right on that but only after a bit of playing around to help each other get more in the mood. They start making out hard. Christian is a pig and starts taking control right off the bat. The clothes come off and Ramses...

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Tatted Scruffy Cubs Suck Cock
Keith Gordon , Oni
This scene was directed by the hot and sexy James Darling! Oni and Keith are best friends playing video games in Keith's basement. Oni loses for the last time and gets up to switch the game when he finds a copy of Tristan Mathews' DVD, "Rough Trade". He gives Keith a hard time for having porn around...

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Punk Gags on Cock
Dannii Devine , Pink Steal
Street punk Pink and preppy punk Dannii are new to each others bodies and can't wait to start exploring. Dannii is hungry for cock and gets on his knees to discover that Pink has a giant untamed bush of epic proportions. Dannii gets to work sucking Pink's growing cock, going all the way down to his...

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Tatted Skater Dude With Thick Cock Beats Off
Jack Hammer
Jack is back on Alternadudes and he's horny as fuck. He doesn't speak a word as he turns on the camera and pulls out his dick. Jack likes to take his time beating off and he does just that with this slow erotic snapshot of what it's like to really give yourself some lovin'. Jack gets naked from...

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