Fucking a Fleshlight

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Tyler is at a resort and is taking a break from the heat by floating in the pool when he notices Zack Randall walk by. Zack is one of his dream men and he can't help but give his crotch a rub and a tug when Zack throws a flirty glance his way. Zack walks on by but it gives Tyler a raging hard-on which he decides to take care of right in the pool.

He starts by rubbing his cock but he soon realizes that the pesky wet swimming suit is a nuisance and he gets rid of it almost immediately. He throws it aside in the water and now has full easy access to his nice thick uncut cock and big hairy balls. He jacks it for a while longer then gets an idea and floats on over to the pool steps, gets out, and walks to hang out by his room.

When Tyler gets to the couch on his patio, he whips out a fresh Fleshlight and wastes no time lubing up and shoving his dick inside. It feels like a man's warm wet lips wrapped around his shaft and Tyler throws his head back in ecstasy. His cock gets deeper with each thrust as he imagines it's Zack Randall's throat he's ramming. He writhes and moans, barely able to keep from cumming as he works it harder. We get a glimpse into the Fleshlight with the honor of watching his cock fuck it from the inside. Moaning and fucking and thrusting, Tyler takes one final gasp of air and pulls out to blast his load.

Tyler has a 3 day load pent up inside his hairy sack and it shows. His cum is bountiful and thick and he slathers his stomach and chest with his creamy white twink juice. Still breathing heavily from his awesome cumfest, Tyler rubs his cum into his pubes making them a sticky, jizzy mess. He cleans up with the neighbor's towel then throws his head back to rest after a great and relaxing day in the sun!