Two Tatted Twinks Fuck

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Jett and Alexi are a match made in heaven. Alexi can’t wait to get his big thick dick inside a nice hole and Jett has a nice warm one waiting for him. They start off nice and slow with lots of making out. Alexi can’t wait to get a taste of Jett’s nice big black cock so he goes in for the gold. He sucks the rocker off hard and Jett’s pre-cum is the evidence for how good Alexi can suck a dick.

They trade off and soon Jett is going down on the lily white tatted twink. He takes Alexi’s cock deep down his throat before the pants come off and they rub cocks in a frot session to be envied by the best of the best. Jett is horny as all fuck and he’s leaking like a broken garden hose. His pre-cum is everywhere as he rubs his cock on Alexi’s thick dick.

Jett has had enough. He straddles Alexi and rides the white twink’s cock all the way up as far as it can go. Alexi goes balls deep and pumps the black tatted rocker hard. Jett switches it up and turns around. His hard cock bounces up and down with each thrust that Alexi can muster. Alexi pushes Jett down into doggie style, shoves his dick in and pumps away. It’s all Jett can take. He leaks and dribbles all over our couch and before you know it, Jett is spraying his hot white load all over the place. Alexi can’t take anything more. He pulls out at the sight of Jett’s steaming cum and blows his own load all over Jett’s back.

These two are a wreck when they’re done and Jett’s hole is in some serious need of repair from Alexi’s thick twink cock!