Two Hairy Studs Get Rough and Dirty

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These two hairy studs can’t keep their paws off each other. They make out (barely) before they rip their clothes off and get right to the good stuff. Alessandro gets on his back taking Adam’s stiff one all the way down his throat. Adam only stops to spit in Alessandro’s mouth before he continues on face fucking the alt cub. Alessandro eagerly moves on to clean Adam’s asshole with his tongue and gives him a good solid rimming. The cub’s pants come flying off and Adam goes to town on his big hairy uncut dick.

Adam spits and gags and chokes getting it all down his throat. He chews on Alessandro’s foreskin like it’s a piece of gum, getting his tongue deep down inside and using a good bit of his teeth too. He switches it up and gets Alessandro’s legs in the air to chew on some hairy ass. Alessandro’s hairy nuts hit Adam’s shaved head as he spits and rims the extra hairy ass in front of him.

They move onto frotting and rub their cocks together jacking off as one. They’re loud and it feels fucking good! Next is the docking and Alessandro’s big foreskin slips around the tip of Adam’s hard cock. They dock a bit more as Adam fucks the inside of Alessandro’s uncut cock.

Finally comes the fucking. Alessandro slips on a Magnum condom and bends the hairy stud over to stick it in his tight hole. They do it doggie style hard and loud before Adam hops on and sits on the hard dick. First he faces the cub but then turns around and fucks him with his dick swinging up and down and in circles. His balls and cock flop around as he moans and groans from the cock inside him.

Alessandro wants doggie style one last time and bends the stud over for a final race to the finish. With a few slaps on the ass and some hardcore thrusts up the butt as Adam screams out to use his hole, Alessandro pulls out to blast his hot load. Adam gets down under the throbbing cock and takes the full load in his mouth and face. It flies up hard and fast and Adam barely misses a drop.

Adam is jacking his own rod and gets louder and louder as his cum rises to the surface. Alessandro gets down in Adam’s croth and gets a nice taste as the white juice flows. Alessandro takes a handful of the jizz and takes a taste before he shoves his fingers in Adam’s mouth, making the hairy stud taste his own manhood.