Two Cocks in One Face

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Merdoc is the quintessential cocksucker all the way. When we asked him to do this scene, he was adamant that there be more than one cock shoved in his face. If we could have lined up 40 studs to stuff his throat, he would have been more than happy to open up and take everything anyone could shove in his face. Luckily, Saint Dillon and Mat Tahari more than make up for any number of men with the giant cocks they provide for our rock star cocksucker.

Merdoc starts out on Saint Dillon and soon Saint Dillon is hard as a rock. When Merdoc’s first bit is done with the Saint, he starts his work with Mat who is also soon at full mast. They plow Merdoc hard and Merdoc opens up wide to get stuffed with both of their big thick cocks at the same time. They literally almost rip his jaws off the hinges fucking his face. Merdoc loves every second of it as his eyes water and his gag reflex starts coming out.

The two studs sit on the couch where Merdoc continues his life’s work. Saint Dillon wants his dick a bit deeper, so Merdoc lays on his back and opens wide as the Saint plows his face from above. Saint shoves every inch of his meat down Merdoc’s throat going balls deep all the way to his thick black pubes. Merdoc chokes and gags more, spitting and watering from every hole in his face. Mat follows suit and soon the two doing the plowing are ready to blow.

Merdoc gets into position and begs for their cum. Mat is the first to announce that’s he’s ready to let loose. With a big grunt and a lot of “oh fuck yeah’s” he unleashes and lets his jizz fly. Merdoc loves the warm, sticky juice on his face and at the mere sight of all that cum, Saint works his magic and blows a volcano’s worth of liquid all over Merdoc’s already slathered face. Merdoc looks like a piece of art as he lays there basking in the glory of the jizz of the two studs who just blessed him with their magic. Merdoc is happy and as he says….”thanks for the breakfast!”