Thin Punk With Mohawk Oozes Thick White Load

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Sonic is one horny dude! He has a super toned body that he perfects at the gym nearly every day. Once he gets in front of a camera, there’s no keeping this guy’s clothes on.

His shirt was off so quickly, we didn’t even get a chance to see what it looked like! Once the shirt is gone, he talks a bit about his sex life and tells us what gets him off right before his pants hit the floor. Sonic starts out hard, and stays that way for the entire scene. He works his cock with the five star rating of an expert. At one point he wants to cum, but we kindly ask him to keep going for a little longer.
As his cock gets harder, he works his balls and shaft in a circular move that brings about his last hurrah. As he announces that he’s about to cum, the tip of his throbbing dick oozes a load of thick, pure white jizz that runs down the back of his shaft and into his waiting hand!