Tatted Punk Gets Fucked By Twink Punk

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Lucius and Alexi are two tatted punks who need to fuck. Alexi is a twink with a nice big dick and Lucius is a guy with a nice tight asshole. These two take it slow to start by making out hard. The shirts come off and they rub their dicks with hard pelvis thrusts through their tightening jeans. When the pants drop to the floor, Lucius follows suit and drops to his knees.

Lucius blows Alexi getting his cock to grow. Alexi loves the bj and throws his head back, barely able to take the pleasure. Once Lucius has the twink all revved up, he bends over to take what the twink has to offer.

Alexi gets on his tiptoes and shoves his dick deep inside the punk in front of him. He plows his tight ass while his balls swing back and forth, dangling between both of their legs. Alexi pushes Lucius down onto a bar stool and fucks him harder until he's ready to blow his load.

Alexi pulls out, rips his condom off and shoots his wad all over Lucius' ass. It's a nice thick load and Alexi isn't going to let it go to waste. He gets on his knees and licks his own jizz off of the butt in front of him. When he gets every last drop, he looks at the camera, swallows hard and smiles, always wanting more!