Tatted Hairy Pig Fucks Hipster Dude

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Lorne Rox and Kamrun are back for more action. Lorne is a hot hairy tatted dude with a shaved head and a sexual appetite that beats no one. His cock is thick and his head is so big he can barely fit a normal sized condom around it. Kamrun is a tatted black hipster with a big uncut dick who loves to take it up the ass.

As usual, Lorne is the dominant one. When the shirts come off, he immediately shoves Kamrun’s face into his sweaty pit. Kamrun licks his pit and moves down to Lorne’s nipple where he instructs Kamrun to keep licking his tit. Kamrun does as he’s told and soon Kamrun is on his knees servicing Lorne on the outside of his old smelly jockstrap. Kamrun whips Lorne’s thick dick out and before you know it is getting face fucked by the aggressive Lorne. Lorne’s pubes are wild and crown his cock like a bird’s nest. Kamrun gags hard on the cock before he gets both of Lorne’s big full balls in his mouth. Lorne takes his turn sucking on Kamrun’s giant uncut dick, working his foreskin with his tongue before he throws Kamrun over a stool and inserts his big hard woody.

Lorne plows away, fucking hard as Kamrun grunts and moans. Lorne is sweating hard as he plunges balls deep into Kamrun’s tight black ass. Lorne starts breathing heavily and pulls out to whack his dick right by the hipster’s butt-hole. Lorne starts moaning and blasts his white hot load all over Kamrun’s back. Lorne licks up his mess and gets down on the ground to take what Kamrun has to give. With another set of grunts and groans, Kamrun unleashes his monster load. His big uncut dick spews its juice all over Lorne’s hairy tatted stomach. They’re both satisfied and happy to have had the others nice warm sticky jizz!