Tatted Alterna Cubs Suck Cock in the Woods

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Israel is always up to no good. Once again, he's horny and this time he has his eyes set on Kit. Israel lures Kit into the woods for a hike and when they get away from civilization, Israel makes his move. Kit is no stranger to sucking cock and is happy to finally get Israel alone and to himself.

These two are rough bears in training. They both like their guys natural and like to talk dirty and grunt and gag while they get down to business. Israel is the first to take the lead and after kissing his target hard with tongue, reaches down into Kit's shorts, undoes his buckle and peels off the cumbersome cock covering fabric. Israel gets on his knees in the dirt and starts sucking Kit's thick dick. Kit loves the attention but to get him rock hard, he needs a dick of his own to suck. They switch it up and Kits gets below Israel to take his cock balls deep.

Israel face fucks the young cub hard, grunting like an animal with each thrust of his hairy crotch. His full, fuzzy balls swing and bang on Kit's chin as he gags and spits from Israel's erect cock fucking his throat.

They get down on the ground for some 69 action and soon their mouths and tongues find the tight, puckering, hairy assholes they crave. They rim each other hard, and after a long session of hot and hairy sucking and licking, Kit can't hold his sticky load in any longer. He pulls out and sprays Israel's beard and face with his warm, white semen.

Israel is in heaven as he licks up the sticky treat while he grunts and groans even more. Once he's had his fill and licks up any remaining drops off of Kit's cock, Isreal leans back and pleasures himself until his jizz spurts up and out to slather his whole hairy and writhing body. They kiss some more and help each other up before they head for home and maybe more cock once they get there!