Surfer Stud Destroys Emo Hole

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Surfer stud, Cliff, is hung over as all fuck and trying to sleep where he landed last night. Skyler is horny and decides to wake Cliff up with a bit of cock teasing. It doesn’t take long before Cliff wakes up and gets his raging boner going for the ultimate headache cure.

Skyler is happy to find the perfect dick in Cliff’s flimsy sweat pants. Tucked inside is a big thick juicy monster cock. When Skyler starts sucking it keeps growing and growing and growing. It’s thickest at the base and is crowned with a nice curved and tapered head. His pubes are full and long and his balls are fuzzy. Skyler can see the work ahead of him and gets right to it. His jaw almost becomes unhinged as he attacks the monster cock and takes it balls deep down his throat, stopping only occasionally to worship Cliff’s stellar muscles and perfect hairy armpits. The emo keeps deepthroating as the big cock makes him gag and belch and spit.

Cliff’s deep voice tells Skyler what to do with each step. And when he’s ready to fuck, he lets Skyler know with his dirty talk. It’s almost as if Cliff is right in your ear talking dirty and telling you that he’s going to stick his giant rod up your hot, wet ass. The power bottom wants it bad and he hops on top of the big thick one in front of him and goes to town. It’s hard for the dick to go in at first but once it’s in, it glides easily in and out of the emo’s tight hole. He bounces up and down, stretching his asshole to almost the breaking point. He flips around and fucks more before Cliff takes control and fucks the living hell out of Skyler. He pounds rough and hard and fast, shaking the floor and slapping flesh on flesh as thighs hit ass and balls smack balls.

Skyler submits and lets Cliff take over from here. Cliff gets Skyler into doggie style and rides him rough. He grabs the emo’s bandana and pulls it hard, riding him like a horse with a big pink bridle. His thick cock goes in and out as both of them moan and breath and pant. Cliff keeps talking dirty as he nears the end of his hole plugging session. He’s ready to burst. Skyler rolls over and takes the whole load on his face. This is one giant, perfectly white, almost never ending, extra thick and creamy batch of jizz. Not only is Cliff’s body almost completely perfect, but his dick delivers too! He paints Skyler’s face and mouth white and continues to face fuck the emo even after he cums.

Skyler needs to burst too. With Cliff’s big thick dick still in his mouth, Skyler lets his uncut curvy cock explode. If it’s possible, he actually cums more than Cliff! Skyler’s cum squirts and flies and shoots all over the place. He douses his own stomach and chest with his own brand of pure goodness. The emo keeps gobbling up the stud’s sticky cum as he marinates in the juices unleashed on him him from head to balls.