Skinny Punk Sucks Tristan and the Cameraman

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Tristan Mathews and the cameraman are out one night when they see Pink standing and waiting for the bus. Tristan hands him an Alternadudes business card and much to their surprise, Pink wants to go back to the studio and show off his goods immediately.

They take him back to the office where the intention is to have Pink do a quick jackoff scene. Pink has other things on his mind, however, and decides he wants the help of the two guys who brought him there.

Pink gets out of his clothes and quickly brings hot and sexy tatted up, Tristan Mathews, into the fray. They take turns sucking each other off before Tristan pulls out a vibrating toy to help satisfy the horny punk. Tristan fingers Pink hard before Pink sets his sights on the cameraman.

Our cameraman doesn't hesitate for a second before his cock is out and the hot young sexy punk has his mouth wrapped around it. Pink loves the cameraman's big thick dick and works his magic with his warm wet tongue. The cameraman returns the favor and blows Pink before he sucks his big full, dangling balls and rims his tight throbbing hole.

The whole new experience turns our punk on so much that before the cameraman can dump his load, Pink explodes all over himself in a volcano of thick white semen that covers his thin sexy body. Our cameraman can't help himself and gets on his knees to lick up every last drop of sperm from the hot-as-fuck punk he just picked up off the street!