Skater Gets Crammed With Dildos and Sucks Cock

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Jason Kennedy is skater who loves dick. He agreed to come in for a solo scene and brought a friend named Beau Butler along. Beau wanted to join in but because of his status as a politician, didn’t want his face to be seen. After much soul searching, we agreed to let his arm be a sort of fuck machine to Jason. All he had to do was hold the dildo and make it go in and out of Jason’s ass. That lasted about 35 seconds before Beau wanted cock on his lips and in his mouth!

Jason starts by stroking his big hairy cock all by himself. The cameraman coaxes him into licking his armpits, which he does with gusto! He licks away and gets harder as he does. Soon Beau is inside of Jason with a double dong dildo. Jason’s feet are high in the air as the dildo slips into his asshole which then slides in and out with a bit of work (Jason is tight, so Beau had to start out slow). Beau’s smoky voice goads Jason on, telling him what to do and how to do it. Jason loves to be submissive and gratefully does everything Beau instructs. Before he knows what hit him, Beau has a super thick, 12 inch dildo with a handle on it sliding into his ass. It’s tapered very small to the size of a normal cock (or smaller) on the end, so it easily slips in without much fanfare. As it slides in, the tapered end gives way to a base that gets thicker and thicker until as it nears the handle, the whole thing is stretching Jason’s asshole to sizes it’s never seen before! He gets fucked harder and harder with the big rubber dong before he stops and begs to suck the cameraman’s dick.

This isn’t new to our cameraman. He’s found himself in this position before (as you’ve seen). It just catches him off-guard sometimes. Ater visiting his local priest and calling his mom, the cameraman finally agrees to let Jason suck his dick. The skater scrambles to unzip the cameraman and out pops an extra hairy, very thick dick just waiting to get the cum sucked out of it. Jason goes to work as Beau keeps dildo fucking the skater twink up the butt. Jason is good at what he does. He deepthroats the thick dick without any gag reflex whatsoever. Finally, our cameraman can’t hold off any more. He blows his load hard. It’s a gusher of cum as it hits Jason’s face and goes in his mouth and one eye. It shoots long and hard over and over as the cameraman moans in a final happy ending.

Not quite. There more work to do. Beau is next. He puts Jason into position and bends down to face fuck the twink. Beau’s hairy body bobs up and down as his big uncut cock slides in and out of Jason’s throat. Jason is still dripping in the cameraman’s cum and his eye is getting red from the semen that was dumped into it. Beau pulls out and shoots his thick white hot load all over the skater’s face. We were amazed at how perfectly white Beau’s cum is! It’s so thick that it stayed on Jason’s face even after he licked some up and sat up to finish his own hard work.

Jason takes a quick second to wipe up the cum that he said was burning his cheek before he shoots his own wad. He’s loud as he shoots on his own stomach and hairy pubes. It rolls out and drop after drop then squirt after creamy squirt moisten his skin. He’s spent! His asshole hurts, he’s covered in cum, and it’s hot in the studio. He’s literally a hot, sticky mess. Way to go Jason, we can see you’re a pro with cock both down your throat and potentially up your stretched ass!