Skater Cums 3 Times

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Luke is eager to show of his skills at cumming multiple times in one session but gives a nice tease before he gives up his cum. He rubs his bulge in his jeans and reaches in to feel his dick before he pulls off his pants and shirt. Luke rubs himself through his undies and then looks into the camera and asks if you want to see what's underneath. Luke pulls down his underwear showing his dick before bending over and fingering his shaved hole. He gets his fingers in deep before he pulls out and licks off his own taste. He's a dirty talker, so he'll include you on every step of the way, even as he wipes his ass with his underwear and shoves them in his own mouth to savor the flavor to the very end. Finally, Luke asks the cameraman if it's okay for him to cum. When he gets the green light, Luke lets loose and cums three times in a row and then licks his own cum and tells you that next time it's going to by your dirty whore mouth that he fills with jizz.