Ryan Bones

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Ryan Bones is an industry veteran with a LOT of experience. He's not only very well spoken; but he is incredibly hot. During our brief interview we find out that when Ryan is on set, he prefers a nice location, a good-looking scene partner and a good story line. Ryan says his two biggest assets would be his "nice meaty cock" and his voice. Before getting down to business Ryan heads off to take a quick shower. He takes the soap and rubs it all over his hot, muscular body. Ryan has a few tattoos, an ass that won't stop and a thick, uncut cock just begging for a tongue. He returns and takes off his towel. He drapes the towel on the sofa before laying down on it. Ryan's cock is rock-hard as he grabs at it, pulling it and stretching his balls. Ryan rolls over on his knees with his ass pointed right at the camera. He spreads his cheeks revealing a sweet, lightly furry hole. Yet another of his assets just begging for a tongue. Ryan grabs his cock and begins stroking. He lays down and pulls his legs back. He can now get to his hole with one hand and jack his cock with the other. He quickly teases himself to the point of no return and he squirts a thick, healthy load of jizz all over his perfectly sculpted abs.