Perfect Blonde Rocker Twink Flirts and Rides His Dildo

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Hans is a skinny little rocker twink who likes to show off his sexy body and get off any time he can. He's a flirt, and uses his 19 years to his advantage. Hans had the cameraman hooked right off the bat. Although our cameraman often gets involved in the action, he rarely initiates the fun and we think this time around Hans had him hooked and our cameraman was too shy to say anything!

Hans has a great interview and by the end the cameraman asks to see his dick. Hans is happy to show off and quickly whips it out for fun. It's not long before the long haired twink is rock hard and demonstrating his own techniques to get himself off. Hans reaches back behind himself and grabs a dildo from his own personal stash that he brought with him. He lubes it up and shoves it in his tight twink hole. "My ass is so tight," he says with a "come fuck me" stare into the camera. "It feels good to loosen it up!"

Hans has piercing blue eyes that he knows how to work to make the hearts of everyone around him melt. As he pounds his hard, lubed up cock and rides his big thick toy, he stares into the camera, barley making a sound. His steely, melting stare is enough to make anyone hard and he keeps his gaze locked on the camera until he's ready to burst!
Hans keeps staring into the camera as if you're right in the room with him. Finally, his big full dick suckin' lips utter the whisper "I'm gonna cum," as he lets his twink juices ooze out of his cock. It's pure white and sticky as he takes a little taste. The cameraman suggests he eat it all up. Hans doesn't like to eat his own cum but instead gathers it up and shoves it all up inside his loosened, wet hole. Hans is a sticky mess and ready to take a quick break before he tries to find his next dick and puddle of cum to play in!