More Cum Than a Shaggy Guy Can Swallow

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Christop is horny and breaks out his new Fifi toy to stick his dick inside to get wet and get off. Just as the shaggy hunk gets into his groove, Chubbs walks in and wants a bj. Christop is horny and more than willing to comply. He eagerly pulls down Chubbs' pants and gets to work doing what he does best.

Chubbs grabs Christop by the hair and uses him like a fuck toy. Chubbs face fucks Christop, shoving his big hard cock deep down Christop's throat. He plunges it in and out until he lets loose and blasts a creamy load of jizz like you've never seen before! It just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming until Christop is covered with a thick coat of sticky white paste!

Christop doesn't want to be outdone and grabs his toy again. He fucks it until he's ready to blast. He covers it with cum, just as Chubbs steps back into the picture and sprays a second time all over Chrisop's big wet cock and sticky toy!