Mohawk Skater Punk Services Straight Rocker in Minneapolis Hotel

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Atticus is a straight horny rocker dude with a nice big bulge, incredible hairy armpits and an extra fuzzy asshole. He's stuck in a hotel in Minneapolis and his girlfriend is out for the day. He needs service bad so he gets on his phone to find a hookup. His hands are down his pants when the knock on the door comes. He opens the door to find Ross Anders, a sexy skater punk with a red mohawk. Ross is horny and ready to suck some cock.

Atticus is a little apprehensive and tells Ross that he needs to stay on the other bed and that maybe he'll let Ross suck him off a little if the mood strikes him. They jack off on separate beds for a bit. It's not long before Atticus is looking Ross's way. Atticus is hard as a rock and invites Ross over to his bed. Atticus barely gets the invite out of his mouth and Ross is between the stud's hairy legs licking balls and sucking cock.

Ross services the stud, slurping and sucking away. He licks the rocker dude's balls hard and gags on his constantly growing dick. Atticus wants to take charge and declares that it's time to do some face fucking. Ross happily rolls over on his back, hangs his head off the edge of the bed, and opens wide for Atticus to claim his throat.

Atticus plugs away on the skater's face, pumping and fucking hard. His big full balls hit Ross on the forehead with each thrust of his pelvis. Ross gags and coughs as Atticus' big thick dick glides in and out of Ross's throat. Atticus pulls out and blows his creamy load all over Ross's face. Ross gobbles up every last drop of jizz and swallows it with pride. Ross rolls over while Atticus begs to see him cum. Ross evacuates his big round tight balls and it flies out with force getting on his stomach and on the comforter.

Atticus isn't happy about the jizz on his bed and tells Ross to get out. Ross grabs his things, calls Atticus an asshole and gets the hell out. Atticus gets off the bed, walks to the bathroom, and takes a giant piss. He jiggles his spent cock around, shaking every last drop of pee off the tip. He gets a little on his hand and walks out to go back to bed naked for a nap before his girlfriend gets back to the room.