Mohawk Dude Fucks Leopard Boy

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Naughty Sabastian Fischer is always the instigator when it comes to sex. Underneath the shy facade lay a sexual beast that no one can truly satisfy. Today’s target is Texas Holcum, a cute hot mowhawked Latino dude with killer eyes and a cock just made for fucking. Sabastian seduces him with kisses, then his tongue and then with his hand down Texas’ pants. Sabastian is quick with his counterpart’s seatbelt belt buckle and unlatches it with ease. Texas’ pants are on the ground before you know it and his full juicy cock is soon in Sabastian’s wet and servicing mouth.

Texas is ready to do some pleasing himself. He gets down and unzips the jeans before him and immediately starts slurping down some dick. Sabastian likes his balls played with so our tender Latino goes to work sucking and licking and tugging at Sabastian’s big sack. The tatted hipster needs cock up his butt bad. He jumps up and hops on Texas’ nice plump dick and rides him cowboy style. Sabastian moans and groans as the dick goes deeper. He likes to mix it up and shove things up his asshole in all sorts of different positions and the next one he tries is missionary as he lays on his back. Soon Texas is back up inside drilling away on the tatted hipster. He pumps and grinds and humps and then pulls out for a quick break to put on his leather cockring. His balls slip through the bottom and dangle through the hole, tight and bulging full of pent up semen. His veiny cock sticks out of the top, almost sniffing for the nearest warm hole to explore.

Sabastian bends over doggie style and takes it like a bitch. Texas gets rougher and louder as he bangs away. Finally, after abusing Sabastian’s hole for longer than he can take, Texas pulls out and gets into position to spray the hipster’s face. Sabastian gets down close to take it all. Texas breaths a few heavy sighs and gives a grunt as the juices flow and fly and land on Sabastian’s face and in his mouth. It feels good for both of them as Texas gets his final relief.

Now it’s Sabastian’s turn. His hole is wrecked from the pounding he’s been taking and his dick isn’t quite at full mast. With his asshole burning and probably a bit bruised, he ends up with the Latino’s cock ring to help jack his tired rod. With a bit of lube and a few flicks of his wrist, he massages the cum from the tip of his cock. It leaks out and rolls onto his waiting hand. Texas makes a break for it and laps it up with his tongue before feeding it to Sabastian with a kiss.