Inked Rockers Suck Rim and Fuck With Dirty Talk

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Murphy and Israel are two tatted rocker dudes with a love for the cock. Their chemistry is absolutely amazing and it shows on screen as they get sweaty, talk dirty, and fuck like rabbits. They literally couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The minute they met, their eyes locked and that was that. When our cameraman called cut, these two kept at it and continued fucking and sucking and making out even as we adjusted lights, turned off the camera for a water break and even once while we dealt with someone on the phone.

Murphy is always wanting cock inside him in some way or another. He gladly lets Israel pound his face and returns the favor with some sucking of his own. Murphy begs for Israel’s cock in his ass with his deep smokey bedroom voice. Israel has another plan, however, and decides to spread Murphy’s little ass checks and go down to rim. Murphy moans as Israel works his crack and tight hole with precision. He spits on his target and works it with his tongue. He goes back up and kisses Murphy, asking him if he likes the taste of his own asshole. Murphy likes the domination and answers with a deep and sultry, yet blatantly submissive, “Yes, Sir!”.

Israel has had enough and Murphy’s hole is loosened up and ready for entry. Israel sticks his hard cock deep inside the long haired rocker. He pumps away, happy to have his dick wet again. They grunt and groan as they fuck and let their bodies slap. They’re both sweaty messes and you can see Israel’s sweat drip like a leaky faucet all over the also drenched Murphy. They switch positions from Missionary to Reverse Cowboy so that Murphy can take it further up his asshole. Murphy’s dick flips and flops up and down and in circles as his bounces on Israel’s hard cock.

They switch one last time because Murphy wants to suck face with Israel as they fuck. That does it for Murphy. He screams out that Israel’s cock is going to make him cum, and sure enough, soon after the announcement, Murphy lets the jizz fly. He drenches Israel, his cum mixing with all the sweat in his chest and stomach hair. There’s lots of it too and Israel scoops it up and feeds it to the still cum hungry rocker. Not to be outdone, Israel climbs on top of Murphy and give him a facial he won’t forget. His white creamy cum flies out as he screams and groans a primal, guttural roar. They kiss as their sweaty bodies writhe and mix sweat with sweat. Their hair drips and mingles with the body in front of them and they kiss and gulp away the cum that Israel dumped for them both to enjoy gobbling up together.