Horny Pierced and Tatted Skater Cums With a Glass Dildo

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Red is a straight tatted and pierced up skater dude with a fantasy for getting things shoved up his ass. He's a dirty talker too and takes to the camera like a natural. He starts off telling us that he's going to tease us, telling us how great his cock is and that we have to wait to see it. He pulls it out revealing more piercings and a nice nutsack.

Red continues to talk, telling us how he likes it and how he wishes we could be there with him. Next, our rough-trade skater flips over and sticks his fingers in his butt. He fucks himself hard, moaning with each thrust of his fingers. He gets his hole loosened up before he pulls out a big glass dildo and stretches his ass even further.

Red stares into the camera and keeps us involved in his hot self-pleasing session. He can't have a man tonight, but he's going to pretend really hard that's got one with the dildo and the camera! Red flips back over and keeps fucking himself with his toy. He hits just the right spot and with a sigh of relief, nuts all over himself. His cum is thick and swirled with sperm that you can almost see swimming in his liquid. Red is happy and relaxed after his happy almost-fuck session. He can't wait to try his talents on a man for the first time ever!