Homemade Amateur Relief

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Please note that Jonathan Dreamer made this at home with his own camera. The quality of the film is reflective of a real homemade amateur jackoff scene. Jonathan found us in the UK and was eager to show of his big hairy uncut cock. He turns on his cam and lies back on his bed to get down to business. He whips out his junk and starts rubbing before he peels off his undies already stained and wet from precum. He works his cock, getting it hard as he fingers is nice pink hole and jiggles his massive low hanging balls. When he's ready to blow, he rolls his eyes to the back of his head and lets loose as his heavy white cum rolls out of the tip of his throbbing dick and down over his thick foreskin. He walks up to the cam and shows off his load before signing off and giving one last sigh of relief.