Hairy Stud Fucks Skater For Commerce

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Tyler's car has broken down and he needs it fixed ASAP. It's a Friday night and Cole is about to leave the shop. Tyler is desperate and will do anything to have his car back for the weekend. Cole is sympathetic to Tyler's situation and agrees to fix it if Tyler sucks his dick. Tyler is open to the idea and quickly gets on his knees to service the hunky stud of a mechanic.

Tyler is pleased with what's dangling between Cole's legs when he opens his pants to find a nice big thick cock. It doesn't take but a minute for Cole to be at his full stature. Tyler loves every inch of it and will barely let it out of his slurping lips. Cole doesn't want to miss out on a great opportunity and takes his turn sucking the skater's cock. Tyler's cock almost matches the 6'5 Cole's dick and the two of them continue gobble each other up.

Soon Cole announces that if Tyler really wants his car fixed, he'll have to bend over to get fucked. Tyler eagerly agrees but warns Cole that he's a virgin. Cole is happy to take Tyler's virginity for a quick fix on the car and he bends the tatted skater over and shoves his dick deep inside. Tyler moans and begs for him to go harder and deeper, which Cole does.

Cole wants a little something up his butt too and they switch hit, letting Tyler take command. Tyler reams Cole's tight asshole, pumping in and out, making the mechanic moan and grunt with each thrust of his hips. After fucking and sucking each other for a nice long session, they both want to see the other cum.

Tyler is the first to blow. He bellies up to Cole and drops his load hard and fast all over Cole's hairy chest. It shoots all over and makes a mess of the stud. Cole is quick to follow. Once he's covered in cum he can't help himself any longer. He bends over and bursts blast after blast of thick white jizz all over the mechanic's cart they were just fucking on. It covers the cart and pools up on the rubber covering. They're both spent and happy as fuck to have pumped some ass and sucked some cock, but Tyler is even more happy to get his car back in working order before the weekend!