Goth Punks Suck and Frot Their Matching Cocks

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Dannii is doing the dishes when Rave enters the kitchen and tells Dannii that he could be doing something more interesting. Dannii agrees and gets on his knees to unleash Rave's brown uncut monster cock.

Dannii sucks Rave's big dick, taking it all the way down his throat until he starts to gag. Rave's boner is raging hard and he returns the favor for Dannii, who's big cock looks like a twin cock to Rave's! They take turns sucking before they put their dicks together and jack them off. Their frot session is amazing as both big fat matching cocks rub up against each other and throb as they sword play.

The guys switch off sucking cock until Rave stands over Dannii and douses his face with cum. Dannii laps up every drop he can get as the rest drips from his chin and lands on his stomach. Dannii is ready to burst after he gets he face splashed by Rave and jacks his own big hard stick until it spits up all over his stomach and mixes with Rave's thick white sperm!