Ginger Surfer Cums in Stairwell

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Dillon is a ginger surfer and skydiver who enjoys every bit of alone time he can get with his cock. He came into Alternadudes to beat off and when we suggested he do it in a public stairwell, he was thrilled beyond belief. Dillon ends his interview with directions on how to get to the rooftop stairwell and we follow him up before he whips it out and gets down to business.

Dillon is an exhibitionist and it doesn't take much to get his clothes off. He proudly shows off his ginger pubes and thick curly armpit hair before our cameraman asks if he can touch the goods. Dillon has zero hang-ups and eagerly allows the cameraman to "help out". Dillon stands back and lets the cameraman jack his hard cock and run his fingers through his thick pits and pubes before they almost get caught and have to run out while Dillon grabs his clothes.

Once the danger is past and they start from scratch, Dillon resumes his position and gets his cock ready to unleash its liquid. He moans as he gets closer and pounds his cock over the railing of the stairwell. He announces that he's going to cum and shoots his load over the railing and onto the camera! He hits the lens perfectly as drop after drop of Dillon goodness hits the camera and the floor around the cameraman!