Stud Fucks Punk

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Tyler Crue is a horny alt stud with a large thick cock that’s ready for action. Skyler is an emo twink with green hair and is just as eager to get down to business!

These two make out hard to make each other hard. Once Skyler is naked (except for his knee high striped socks), Tyler picks him up like a toy and plops him on the kitchen table. Tyler rims and sucks the twink as if someone is going to come in and take him away at any moment. They take turns eating ass, sucking dick, licking balls and making out. Skyler isn’t one to miss an opportunity to get face fucked though, so he rolls over on his back and hangs his head off the table. Tyler happily takes the hint and shoves his tight erect junk in Skyler’s wet twink mouth. Tyler pumps Skyler’s face and uses him like a fleshlight!

In the end, these two blow volcanic loads all over each other. The cum is sweet and sticky and white and warm and gobbed up in pubes and running down bare skin! What a sight Tyler and Skyler are naked and covered in cum!