Dirty Surfer Punk Beats Off Watching His Girlfriend

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Devlin is a real life dirty surfer punk. He’s grungy, he’s grimy and his cock is big and thick and uncut. He’s straight and is head over heals for his girlfriend, another grungy punk. He needed the money and wanted the work but wanted his girlfriend to come with him, which is exactly what she did off camera!

He starts right out with some coaxing from his girlfriend and the cameraman. His big uncut cock is soon ripe and thick in his hand. He says hello to the guys watching, gives a giggle and then diverts his attention back to his girlfriend, who is putting on a strip show for him behind the scenes. He tells her what to do and she obliges. He gives a play by play of what he likes as he tells her to touch her tit or finger herself or to bend over.

He tells her to go faster. As she goes faster he speeds up his jacking and promises her that he’ll fuck her when he’s done jacking off. She begs him for his cock and we hear her cumming in the background. As she cums, his hard cock starts leaking pre-cum. He lets loose and man does his cum fly! It shoots in every direction, going up onto his chest yet landing on his feet and legs while polishing the floor. He’s panting and sweating when he finishes his job. He swears, lets out a huge sigh and declares that he needs a cigarette. It’s a job well done, Devlin. You can mess up our floors any time!