Biker Stud Balls Skinny Long Haired Dude

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Ruckus and Quinn make a fine pairing and they can't wait to get their balls on each other! They're both very sensual guys and they take their time getting to know each others bodies with lots of deep kissing and heavy petting before they get out of their clothes.

Ruckus is the guy who can't hold off with his need for cock. He gets Quinn naked and hard and is the first to get some dick in his mouth. He goes to town on Quinn's rock hard 8 incher working the shaft and balls and even licks Quinn's pubes. When Ruckus gets fully naked, Quinn grabs the biker's giant sack and tugs hard, stretching his balls to the limit. After all the ball and cock play, Quinn is ready to get the stud to plow his ass.

Ruckus mounts the skinny rocker dude and has no problem getting balls deep inside the asshole in front of him. He plows hard with his lowhanging sack slapping back and forth on Quinn's ass with every hard thrust he can muster.

Ruckus pulls out and stands above Quinn. Quinn takes the biker's balls deep in his mouth as Ruckus blows his giant wet load all over Quinn's chest. Quinn takes a quick taste of it and then uses the rest as lube to finish himself off. Ruckus lays down on the bed and lifts his arm up to expose his hot hairy armpit, which Quinn proceeds to lick and suck. Ruckus finger fucks Quinn hard and with a final giant moan and groan, Quinn drains his balls all over Ruckus' manly pit!