Alt Stud With Tats Blows Camera Guy and Sucks His Own Dick

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Kurt has one of the most amazing dicks on this planet! He’s tattooed, perfectly buff, and has a face and eyes that could melt steel. This dude comes in at nine inches, and oh, what a girthy nine inches it is!

He starts off beating his meat like any ordinary horny guy would, but without warning, he leans over, dick in hand, and starts sucking himself off. His tongue handily works its way around his huge, uncut mushroom tip, licking it over and over like a shark circling its prey.

At one point Kurt reaches up and lets his fingers find a hole in our cameraman’s jeans. Before you know it, the camera guy’s dick is getting the royal treatment from our hung stallion. He sucks and works the cock so hard that our guy didn’t have a choice but to spray a nice load all over Kurt’s cut and writhing body. Kurt’s response is to bend himself over, give himself a tongue-job, and then dump his super-thick, super-white, pure tasty cum into his own mouth. After savoring it for a few seconds, he spits it out and lets it run down his chin and neck.

In the end, Kurt has to shower to get the buckets of cum off himsef, so luckily our sexually satisfied cameraman is there to capture dirty Kurt getting clean!