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Aden Worth Vital Stats:
Height:  5'8
Age:  24
Fun Fact:  Aden once randomly shared a jail cell with Jake Strong for two nights.
Astrological Sign:  Pisces
Cock Size:  thick and curved
Cut - Uncut:  cut
Eye Color:  blue
Hair Color:  blonde
Sexual Orientation:  bi
Relationship Status:  girlfriend
Shoe Size:  10
Body Hair:  all natural hairy bush, balls, chest & armpits
Piercings:  none
Tattoos:  none
Favorite Position:  topping
Interests:  guitar, singing, music, snowboarding, skating

Aden is one hellova sizzlin’ rocker dude. He plays guitar, sings in a band and loves to skateboard and snowboard. He’s openly bisexual and has a dick that won’t stop! One of our favorite things about Aden (besides his awesome hair) is his all natural, unshaved look. His pubes, balls, chest and armpits are beautiful unshaved forests of manly goodness!
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